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The Duplicity of Tradition

The duplicity of tradition

Society’s never ending heirloom As comforting as a mother’s womb A primal instinct of safety by number whilst lulled into a deep slumber Celebrated rites as relief from life and to keep away any strife. The duplicity of tradition Toxic oppression of the past Fear of a future not yet forecast Rituals of forgotten context Practices merely annexed Results of addition by division Leading to great friction

The duplicity of tradition The reverence of our roots Revised to show the others as brutes An idealized vision of times thought better Without question for fear of the answer Insidiously reinforcing ignorance and fear Spreading like a virus to all that can hear The duplicity of tradition Tragically destroying ideas so nascent Damaging all as people stay silent Justice for one is justice for you As you may be next in the outcast queue Your life will be lost That is the human cost The duplicity of tradition

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