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Binary vs Non-Binary

Normal in what we are of make ourselves to be is a concept that affects all transgendered persons We struggle for years in wrong bodies in the wrong clothes with the wrong gender and names and pressure to conform. The obvious nature that we all have inherently is cancelled out by the need to not present as anything but normal, but we are normal. We are non-binary and not gender-specific.

The gender police however have indoctrinated the masses in the world to forget old ways and old moral beliefs of equality and love for all of god’s creatures, they have made LGBTQ world very scary and abnormal hidden from sight as though the fault and conspiracy are ours to run. Conspiracy to bring a bit of understanding to a concept that is what we are – God’s people to be treasured, accepted and loved. I wish that I could stand on a corner and jump into the air and land among a group of people to explain to them who I am, why that is possible and to explain there is no need to fear me or to run from me or to vilify anyone that is willing to be my friend, my lover, my family in whatever shape that takes be it pleasant and accepting for them or not. I am not being anything but a living human that has a condition that is not to be accepted and tolerated but simply understood, I would welcome it if this reality were supported by employers, doctors, lawyers and all those who might be exposing themselves to us. We are on this earth for so very little time; we just want to be free of the manacles placed on us by society at large and bigots who prey on fear of the unknown. I should not be viewed as anything but a human in need of human things, love, respect and ability to succeed in this life, nothing more nothing less.

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