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The Sacred Practice of Storytelling

Gathering together in a circle to look at each other and to listen to each other is a sacred practice that has inspired and connected human beings to the best of themselves since ancient times. Today is the first day of my new story circle project, "Trans*cend."

Almost a year ago, Victoria Elizabeth Hester called me and asked, "Could you do one of your story circle projects with us, the transgender people in Memphis?" A week later, Shelby Fuller Elwood called me with news that she would be making a pitch for funding, addressing the California Institute of Contemporary Arts.

"What new project is on your horizon?" she asked."Let's get it funded!"

Everything came together! Victoria's request and Shelby's pitch and my love for listening to people share their stories! We begin today! A new adventure. Much gratitude goes out to the California Institute of Contemporary Arts!

The performance (following our weeks of gathering and sharing) will be staged twice at TheatreSouth, basement of First Congo Church on Saturday night, March 12 at 8:00pm and on Sunday afternoon, March 13 at 2:00pm.

Alice Rainey Berry is directing the performance. Lena Wallace Black is stage managing. The cast is superb! Randi Sluder, Carly Crawford, Leah T. Keys, Roland Donnelly-Bullington, Ryan Jones and Jared Johnson will take these stories to the stage. Mark your calendars now!

A documentary film is being made by Shelby Fuller Elwood and Caroline Zarlengo Sposto. This is such an exciting process!


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